How It Works

Step 1: Sign up.

Step 2: You will receive an email within 48 hours with a special template attached and simple instructions for keeping a daily log of a few data points (est. time per day: 1 minute).

Step 3: You email your data back to me at the end of two months and then four months.

Step 4: Using proprietary algorithms, I analyze your data and identify your stress threshold number, which is the stress score when you generally become symptomatic.

Step 5: I will email you your Stress Threshold Report, which will contain, among other things, your stress threshold number.

Step 6: Keeping in mind your stress threshold number, you begin monitoring your stress scores and making more informed decisions about how/when to tackle certain tasks in order to stay under your threshold.

Step 7: I will check in occasionally via email to see how you’re doing and to give you a chance to ask questions and provide any feedback you may have.  Of course you can always email me anytime at

Besides the therapeutic benefits of journaling, by knowing your stress threshold number and tracking your stress levels, you can better anticipate (and thus better manage) the onset of stress-related symptoms.  This allows you to stay focused and productive on your goals.