How It Works

Step 1: Sign up.
Step 2: Make your first assessments: Sleep assessment form | Rest assessment form
Step 3: The following day after making your assessments, you'll start receiving the following two emails:

  1. A daily reminder to take a moment and assess how you slept last night and how much rest you had the day before. For convenience, this email will contain the same two links above to the assessment forms.
  2. A daily snapshot of your cumulative stress scores with insights and analysis.

*NOTE: To suspend service and stop receiving emails, simply stop making your daily assessments.  To resume service anytime, simply use the links above, make your sleep and rest assessments, and you'll start receiving the emails again.

Vicious Cycle

Fully automated app coming soon!!  Sign up here for early access.

Whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, starting a side business, getting a degree, training for a marathon or getting more involved in your kids’ activities, your ambitions are what drive you each and every day.

You may, however, find that you’ve fallen into a vicious cycle of pushing yourself too far, which brings on symptoms of any stress-related health issues you may have, which, in turn, forces you to focus on treating those symptoms rather than staying focused on the very things that motivated you to work harder in the first place.

But where do you draw the line?? (Autopilot® Lifestyle) is a chronic stress monitoring system that helps identify your threshold for stress (the point you become symptomatic).  It helps you walk that fine line between being productive and pushing yourself too far!