Helps you walk that fine line between being productive and pushing yourself too far and triggering symptoms.

Vicious Cycle

$50 one-time fee

Chronic stress monitoring for busy professionals with stress-related health issues

Dealing with those symptoms becomes your focus rather than focusing on the very things that motivated you to work harder in the first place – turning into a vicious cycle.

Chronic stress monitoring identifies your specific stress threshold number (the point you generally become symptomatic), so you can monitor how close you are to triggering symptoms on any given day.

People get inspired in different ways and goals come in many forms.  Whether it’s earning a degree, climbing the corporate ladder, starting a side business, losing weight, taking on some physical challenge, or getting more involved in your kids’ activities, your ambitions are what drive you every day, and chances are you have more than one goal on your plate right now!

The thing is… working too hard, worrying too much, not getting enough rest – it all pushes your stress level repeatedly past a healthy point and you begin experiencing symptoms.  It could be flare-ups from autoimmune disorders, heartburn, tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure or depression among others.